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Elk raw steak from wild meat on a cutting board. Wooden background_edited.jpg

Farm to Table

Lyons Creek Outfitters is also home to a farmed Elk herd thriving on large expanses of natural grasslands here at the farm since 2021.

Natural habitat is important for these magnificent animals, even though their ancestors a few generations back lived on Elk farms in Minnesota and Colorado.  This herd's quality of life is our priority, and their care here is inspected and approved by the USDA.  You can purchase elk meat at Acorns Resort (the office and The Cove Bar & Grill).

The elk live as naturally as possible on the farm, and we take utmost care when the time comes for the table part.  Our elk meat comes from happy and healthy animals that were never treated cruelly.  We also offer elk tours through Acorns Resort if you would like to come meet them!  Babies are born in late May and June - a great time to plan a visit for all ages!.

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